Project Description

Client:   Uguumur Mongol Group Company
Location:   Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Surface Area: 12,585.4 m2
Year Completed:   2018
Value: $500.000
Architect:   Bilguun

The project’s main purpose is build up place for citizens of Ulaanbaatar to spend their valuable time with their family to swimming in a pool, watch brand new movies at a movie cinema and do exercise in fitness club.


There is no place to spend quality time for as families near the project site.

– 60.5% of total population has no valuable education of health, no desire to do the any sport. So, majority of the population has lack of exercise and dragging in to improper life style. 64% of the population’s age range of 15-64 are overweighted.

– Mongolian authorities are starting to consider the population health situation and have commenced some events through society in such as openning 3 new swimming pools in variaty locations of Ulaanbaatar city.

– But still there isn’t any complex fitness centers that include swimming pool, gym and other sport items.

– So, we are going to build up such a complex center that has swimming pool and gym to proper daily exercise as well as saun, massage to rest.